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What Should You Do With Old Furniture?

It can be tricky to know what to do with old furniture. A lot of people shove it in the corner of some storage room and forget about it. A lot of people use their attic or garage to keep old furniture in. Some items of furniture can be nostalgic. It’s tough to bring yourself to chuck old items of furniture away. So, what can you do? There are plenty of things you can do if you’re contemplating furniture clearance.

  • Rather than have a big London furniture disposal job, you could upscale furniture. If you’re willing to put some time into it, you could give your old furniture a makeover. Even if you’ve never tried to upscale furniture before, it’s well worth giving it a go. It’s not that difficult to get that retro look. There are plenty of tips you can get online. Rather than get rid of your old furniture as part of a junk clearance project, rejuvenate your furniture and if it works out, it could end up being the focal point of the room. If you’ve spent time and effort on the upscale, you’re more likely to want to keep it and display it proudly.


  • If you’re undergoing a waste removal task and come across some old furniture that you just don’t have any use for, don’t just let it sit there and gather dust. Free up some space and get rid of your old furniture. If you’re doing this, break it down. Then if you have a vehicle, cart it away to your local tip. There should be one in your local area. Unless you’re taking away tonnes of old furniture with your rubbish removal job, it shouldn’t cost you anything either.




  • It’s possible that during your rubbish disposal task, you discover that you have lots of old furniture. If you have a tonne of rubbish to get rid of, including lots of old furniture, it could be worth hiring a skip. Skip hire for waste clearance is easy enough to organise. Just take the correct steps and get a skip permit through your local council.


  • Don’t cart the furniture away with rubbish collection. Nowadays there are plenty of furniture re-use networks. Consider donating your old furniture to one of these networks. It’s far better than getting rid of it all through rubbish clearance.
  • Some charities offer free collection services if you have old furniture as part of junk removal. There may also be schemes in place with the company you bought the furniture from. You may be able to trade it in and get some money off a new item of furniture.


  • Rather than carrying out your furniture disposal at the local tip, take your furniture to a recycling centre instead. It prevents more junk being taken to landfill and will ensure someone else gets better use out of it.


There are plenty of companies that will be able to help you with furniture clearance. Do your research and find the best company for the lowest fee. Furniture disposal shouldn’t be expensive. Most companies will be able to take your furniture away from your property for a small fee. If recycling isn’t an option, it’s well worth considering hiring a waste collection company.

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